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Ok, a long time i don't come here, but i told that i'm a little lazy… =o)
The winter really make me down, i miss so much the sun, temperature > 20 degrees, skirt, no boots, no jackets, no cap… ahhh… i would like to be a bear in the winter and to go to my cave and sleep until the spring. =o)

Yesterday i signed some keys, but still remain some to sign. Today i finish this, finally. =o)


I'm very happy today. =o)

Morning… uahhh… is still early… =o)

Yesterday I was with my son in a psychologist (one month ago, his school asked for me this), was the first time. The place is very nice, don’t seem with a doctor’s office, and this is very good. I liked of the psychologist too. I saw another person there, and didn’t like, but was other doctor of the clinic.

Well, I knew that it could happen, but I was a little scared. She (the psychologist) want take care of me, and not only of my son. She said that he is like a mirror of me, that all things that I do, feel, think become a extension in my son, and this isn’t so good. =o(

She want know about all things, my infancy, how I grew, my memories (good and bad), about my parents, my family, my pregnancy, how we live until today… oh! so many things, and I think that this will be a very hard task for me, but it will be good (I hope). =o)