I’m back

Posted on: July 18, 2006

I’m back!!
I had some problems with my blog, but now it’s working again. =o)

News??? hummm…

* Wolverine (my Desktop) is very better!!! Strong, smart… Thanks so much, Faw!! (he did miracles) =o)

* School vacations of my son! I can sleep a little more in the morning (it’s veeeeery good).

* I liked of Freemind and i’m using it, is useful and a little funny (Lelo did the indication, Leslie was working in the translation)

* I’m thinking about adoption, a dog, of course, but I need think a lot, and to find ‘the perfect dog’. It must be adopted (i don’t want buy a dog, have many abandoned dogs that need a home and family, right?) and i want a Whippet, yes, I know, it makes it difficult a little, but I can wait for it. =o)

* Have a group of friends that want to help to increase the blood donation in my city. It’s a simple way for help other people, it only needs one hour of our day, four times per year. Easy, isn’t it? See more.

It’s all. =o)

p.s.: Aris, Valetinho:
Please, don’t cry!
I know, i know, that is sad, but you’ll survive. Always has a hope. =o)


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ei, você tem um blog e nem me conta! anti-social :)

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