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Last night I started to use bitlbee. Seem very nice to me. I’d used centericq lately, I’d tried gaim, but I couldn’t like of them.

A few days ago I was lost between too many passwords. Ok, I remember all of them, but I just need feel safe. So, talking with faw , he told me about MyPasswordSafe . I’m calm now. =o)

The group of blood donation (yes, this is the new site, pssst! ) that I’m volunteer in my city will be, very soon, using Joomla!.

I told, a few weeks ago, that really like of a speech of Steve Jobs. here is, in video!! Thanks, faw (again)!!

It’s all !!



Nice day, sunny, blue sky, many friends, family, chocolate cake, light coke, hugs…

I like that. =o)

Birthday should be nice all day, no bad news, no sadness… just smiles!!!

Wednesday, Wolverine (my desktop) was left in forced vacations. I know that it is so old, but I still need it. I was sad, I really missed it. But I have wonderful friends!!! =o) Skyegg offered his house and his local repository… and chocolate too… =o) Faw did work hard for bring back my Wolverine and now it is as new! Thanks a lot!

Tonight I’m back to work…

Last friday was birthday of my friend Tati, and she gave to me my birthday gift too, she said that the mug needed to be mine. =o)

My new mug!!!