Posted on: February 27, 2007

Last night I started to use bitlbee. Seem very nice to me. I’d used centericq lately, I’d tried gaim, but I couldn’t like of them.

A few days ago I was lost between too many passwords. Ok, I remember all of them, but I just need feel safe. So, talking with faw , he told me about MyPasswordSafe . I’m calm now. =o)

The group of blood donation (yes, this is the new site, pssst! ) that I’m volunteer in my city will be, very soon, using Joomla!.

I told, a few weeks ago, that really like of a speech of Steve Jobs. here is, in video!! Thanks, faw (again)!!

It’s all !!


2 Responses to "Discovery…"

Oi tudo bom??

Eu sei que não têm nada haver com seu post, mas você é brasileira?
Eu vi uns comentários seus em alguns blos e no meu também.. no meu antigo..

By the way, seu blog é muito bom.. está assinado aqui hehehe


Been using bitlbee for a long time. Thanks to it, I can use ICQ, Jabber, MSN, AOL, Yahoo Messenger and whatever stupid protocol they come with in the future, all in the same nice IRC interface — and all under Emacs 8)

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